Sulphuric acid

Marseille Malvesine & Pluvinet 1785 ORG

1785 May: took over the business of Johannot & Malvesine, droguistes and manufacturers of blue vitriol and possibly still of sulphuric acid. Pluvinet's father seems to have paid 50,000 livres for installing his son in the company. The company does not seem to have survived the Revolution, though the two partners remained in business separately.

Marseille Johannot et Malvesine ORG

Firm of droguistes in Marseille, trading with around France. By Sep 1773 they were making huile de vitriol, probably using the glass globe method and by Jan 1784 they had a fabrigue de vitriol bleu on the rue Neuve, which had been the subject of pollution complaints since it started. In Nov 1784 they reported that they wanted to give up commerce and in late May 1785 they had passed all their drogues to PLJ Malvesin and PF Pluvinet. Not known when they stopped making sulphuric acid.