Vallet M

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Friday, January 29, 1734
Exact DOD: 
Friday, August 15, 1823
Place of Birth: 
Pont-de-Veyle (Ain)
Place of Death: 
Speke Hall, Liverspool
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By 1780 (or earlier) he was assistant director to L. Alban at Javel.
1786: present at Leonard Alban's marriage.
March 87: accompanied or followed Bourboulon to England after the latter's bankruptcy and, following the establishment of a short-lived sulphuric acid works, began development of chlorine bleaching near Liverpool. When that venture failed he joined Ainsworth's near Bolton.
10/88: Vallet, directeur des la manufacture des acides de Javel, published an article in Observations sur la Physique on a new pese-liqueur. 11/88: the information was repeated in the Journal de Paris. This suggests that since the evidence that he had left for England a year earlier is strong this might refer to his son. However, in Jan1789, Delametherie comments that Vallet had just gone to Liverpool where he does chlorine bleaching on a large scale. It may be that Vallet did not go to England with or soon after Bourboulon but in the autumn of 1788.
6/94: his wife obtained a divorce.
29/9/86: made a meteorological observation at Javel.
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23/11/88, p. 1400.
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