Paris Fourcroy & Vauquelin rue du Colombier 1802 SIT

Site Description: 
Chemical works and, in its early years, a teaching laboratory
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Site of Chemistry: 
Site of Alchemy: 
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Historical Location
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rue du Colombier
Period of Operation
Start Date: 
Approximate Date 1802
End Date: 
Approximate Date 1840
The Site
Physical Description: 
The total area of the site was 1095 m2 (originally the ownership of the whole site was split 25% each to F & V and 50% to Deserres). The building on the rue du Colombier for teaching chemistry occupied 274 m2 and was owned 50:50 by F & V. The works (laboratories and wharehouses) occupied 821 m2 and was owned 25% each by F & V and 50% by D).
2/11/00: F, V & D leased land on r du Colombier from Le Coeur.
22/12/00: Le Coeur leased them a house on rue de la Paix for 5 years where V and D lived for a while.
16/6/01: Le Coeur leased them a strip of land on rue du Colombier.
1/10/01: they acquired adjoining land from the platinum manufacturer Jeanety.
ca 1803: Chevreul was a student in the laboratory. As were Quesneville and PJ Robiquet.
17/7/04: Deserres left to set up business ventures in Russia.
17/7/04: Henry Lemercier replaced Deserres as joint owner.
31/10/05: Lemercier sold his 2 factories, at bas Belleville and 12 rue du Folie-Mercourt to the owners for 20,000 fr.
fl 5/11/07: Langlois was the director of the works.
30/6 & 2/7/12: Vauquelin and Fourcroy's heirs leased the works to Lemercier for 9 years for 7000 fr per year. Equipment, goods and raw materials estimated at 62,224 fr. L started making heavy chemicals at 23 rue du Colombier which the led to pollution complaints.
7/6/21: L filed for bankruptcy and V and F's heirs took him to court for non-payment of the lease and for failing to ensure that at the end of the lease the works was valued at at least 62,224.
21/3/22: L lost the case in the Cour d'Appel and V and F's heirs sold the business, and another factory at St Germain de Navarre, near Evreux, to JBJ Quesneville and Henrard for 88,000.
ca 1840: buildings demolished.
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