Buffault JB

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Monday, February 27, 1792
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invested in chemical works
Marchand mercier; courtier de change; receveur general des domaines de Paris; protected by Mme du Barry and her charge d'affaires; involved in the affairs of the Comte d'Artois.
1772: set up a company to trade in silk, gold and silver which became Lenormant et Cie in 1778. Very profitable: profit of 220,000 livres in 1777.
Probably took Sage's chemistry course.
1776: with Bourboulon and Papillon de la Ferte invested in the foret de la Margeride, which supplied fuel to the glassworks there which was owned at around the time by Bourboulon and Lefevre and then by Buffault's sons.
With B and P de la F speculated in Russian tallow.
10/8/76: Company set up by Leonard Alban and JB Peeters to make sulphuric acid with a capital of 25,000. Peeters was acting for B, Bourboulon and P de la F. Bourboulon, Buffault and Papillon de la Ferte owned the property at Epinay which Alban and Peeters rented for their sulphuric acid factory. The three then invested heavily in the Javel works.
1777: Apparently at the instigation of John Holker pere, formed a partnership with Antoine Brulley de Sainte-Seine, directeur general des domaines de Paris, and John Holker fils to speculate in the dollars issued by the American Continental Congress, for which John Holker fils went to Philadelphia with the support of Vergennes. Buffault and Brulley withdrew in late 1778.
23/4/77: invested 50,000 livres (1/5 share) in the exploitation of the Bois de Meudon.
20/9/77: invested 30,000 in the societe des Manufactures de Bourges & Issoudun (textiles).
ca.1777: invested in the manufacture des aprets anglais set up by dame Vangauven, au Roule.
1779: Married the ex-mistress of Papillon de la Fderte who was his benefactor.
3/3/87: decision to dissolve the Bouboulon, Buffault & Papillon de la Ferte partnership with effect from 6/2/92.
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