Bourboulon A

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Bourboulon de Bonneuil
Bourboulon de Boneuil
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Wednesday, March 13, 1737
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Saturday, August 2, 1800
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Chemical Activities: 
Took Sage's chemistry course, financed the Javel works, set up chemical and bleaching plants in England.
1766: avocat au Parlement de Paris
- ca 1780: premier commis des finances.
fl 1775: tresorier general de la comtesse d'Artois. fl 85: intendant de la maison de la comtesse d'Artois,
By 1777 had taken Sage's chemistry course.
1775-84: Intendant & controlleur-general des menus plaisirs et affaires du Roi (one of 4 along with Papillon de la Ferte)
1776: with Buffault and Papillon de la Ferte invested in the foret de la Margeride, which supplied fuel to the glassworks there which was owned at around the time by Bourboulon and Lefevre and then by Buffault's sons.
10/8/76: Company set up by Leonard Alban and JB Peeters to make sulphuric acid with a capital of 25,000. Peeters was acting for B, Bourboulon and P de la F. Bourboulon, Buffault and Papillon de la Ferte owned the property at Epinay which Alban and Peeters rented for their sulphuric acid factory. The three then invested heavily in the Javel works.
With B and P de la F speculated in Russian tallow.
By 4/81: was an ex premier commis des finances and was now intendant des finances de Monsieur, the king's brother.
3/3/87: decision to dissolve the Bouboulon, Buffault & Papillon de la Ferte partnership with effect from 6/2/92.
5/3/87: bankrupt and fled to England where he and Vallet set up a short-lived sulphuric acid works near Liverpool.
By 6/89: had set up a chlorine bleaching works near Liverpool which failed 3 years later.
an 6: returned to France.
5/3/87: the inventory of his papers and library drawn up after his flight to England, included 990 documents on the Javel works. The sketchy list of his books included the Chimie de Lesage (i.e. Sage) and the Chymie de Baume.
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Et LXII/686, 5/3/87, scelle et inventaire
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