Athenas PL

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Thursday, February 3, 1752
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Sunday, March 22, 1829
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-1768: college des Oratoriens, Soissons. Then apprentice in the pharmacy in the Abbaye de St Germain des Pres. Took HM Rouelle's chemistry course.
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chemical manufacturer
1774: when Malherbe began his soda expts at St Germain des Pres A probably assisted him.
1777: A went to Nantes, on Malherbe's behalf, to set up a soda works at Le Croisic
1779: M & A conducting large-scale trials at Le Croisic. Decided to move to Lavigne (Porte Lavigne), Bouguenais.
13/3/82: A formed a partnership with Jourdan and Boreau de la Besnardiere, manufacturer of sail cloth and printed cottons, who had promised 150,000 livres . Granted an exclusive privilege for 15 years on 16/4/82. B de la B died. 1783: the venture, which had been set up at Bouguenais, failed with costs of 117,538 livres.
A made several further attempts and tried to make sulphuric acid with local pyrites.
Set up a dyeworks in Nantes.
By 12/86 was operating a travelling eau-de-vie distillery on the Loire and other rivers. Collapsed following a series of bad harvests.
1786/87: Set up a large sulphuric acid works with financial backers. Forced to close by the Revolution and due to shortage of raw materials.
1793: making saltpetre.
By 1793/94: had probably started chlorine bleaching.
12/94: with 3 associates et up a short-lived sulphuric acid works on the Ile de Noirmoutiers.
16/2/97-13/1/1818: director of the Nantes Mint.
By An 10 he was again making sulphuric acid.
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pp. 17, 196-98 & passim
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Vol 3. cols 1409-1410