De Ribaucourt P

General Information
Last Name: 
De Ribaucourt
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First Name: 
Exact DOB: 
Wednesday, January 28, 1739
Exact DOD: 
Wednesday, September 17, 1806
Place of Birth: 
Place of Death: 
St Georges de Luzencon, Aveyron
Countries Active In: 
Towns and Regions Active In: 
Monchy-Humieres, Oise
Lacroix St Ouen, Oise
St Georges de Luzencon, Aveyron
College d'Abbeville. Apprentice orfevre. Apprentice to the apothecary Francois Cozette in Paris. Eleve in Baume's lab. Took GFRouelle's chemistry courses.
1762 May 29 Maitre apothicaire, Abbeville
Activities and Career
Active in Chemistry: 
Chemical Activities: 
Worked/published on dyeing; artificial soda; peat as a fuel and use of cinders as fertiliser.
Published on Chemistry: 
Notes on Career: 
Advised jewellers on chemical matters while in Abbeville.
1774-79: Gave chemistry course in his officine.
1777: With Hecquet d'Orval, owner of the Manufacture Royale de moquettes, won 2nd prize in the Academie des Sciences Indigo competition.
(1770s): made eau-forte for 6 years and sold it to local dyers and jewellers. Also operated a nitriere artificielle.
1782: Analyse de l'eau minerale de Forges.
1784: sold house and left for Paris, where he is said to have become director of a large manufacture-- perhaps a saltpetre refinery.
1786: Elemens de Chimie Docimastique.
fl 1786: probably teaching chemistry in Paris.
fl Feb1789: Manager of the alum works at Monchy-Humieres.
31/3/89: witnessed the birth of his grandson, living on rue de la Harpe, Paris
By Dec 1790 and fl Mar 1791: associate in a chlorine bleaching works at Petit-Gentilly, Paris, to which has been added the manufacture of several 'preparations chimiques.'
fl Jan 1792: Running a chlorine bleaching works at Chantilly [Obs Phys]. Might be a mistake for Petit-Gentilly.
1793-94: director of an alum works at Lacroix-St-Ouen, Oise.
1794: revolutionary saltpetre programme (Paris, probably).
1795-death: director of the alum and copperas works at St Georges de Lavencas, Aveyron.
8/9/97: reported to have established a successful alum works with Nicolas Le Blanc--a mistake for JJM Le Blanc.
1796 Jan 26: candidate for correspondant, chemistry section, First Class of the Institut. Address given as St Affrique, Aveyron. As was Le Blanc, with the same address.
Primary Sources: 
Detailed Reference: 
F12/2243, dossier Le Blanc.
Detailed Reference: 
40 (Jan 1792), pp. 26-27
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