Paris Rouelle GF rue Jacob 1746 SIT

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House and apothecary's shop, rue Jacob
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rue Jacob
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1746 Jan 1st
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1785 Dec 5th
House rented from the Peres du couvent et hospital de la Charite.
After GF Rouelle's death on 3 Aug 1770, the pharmacy became the property of his widow Anne Mondon and was run for her by Rouelle's brother Hilaire Marin who also took over his brother's chemistry course. He had already been doing both for some years due to GFR's illness. 1 Jan 1771 Anne Mondon ceded verbally all the ustenciles, vaisseaux, marchandises of the apothecary business to HMR for 59,563 livres. This was legally ratified on 12 Oct 1778 [AN MC Et XCI/1168]. On 25 Jun 1779, after Hilaire Marin's death on 7 Apr 1779, his heirs ceded them back to her for 50,513 livres [AN MC Et XCI/1177]. On 11 June 1779 the lease on the house was taken over by GFR's nephew Jean Rouelle [AN MC Et VIII/1270]. The chemistry courses were continued by Jean Darcet, GFR's son-in-law, until 1782 and then ceased. After HMR's death Bertrand Pelletier ran the pharmacy for GFR's widow from Nov 1783 until he bought it from her on 5 Dec 1785 for 15,408 livres and a 'pot-de-vin' (a 'consideration' or bribe) of 20,000 livres to Darcet and his wife [AN MC Et LVII/575].
The Site
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The laboratory, for pharmaceutical preparations, chemistry and chemistry courses was in a large building (approx. 17m x 7m) at the end of the garden with an entrance onto the rue des Deux Anges. 14 Mar 1786: the inventory after death of GFR's widow also mentions a laboratory on the first floor of the house [AN MC Et LVII/577].
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